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China Coal Group's New Suspension Mining Single Hydraulic Prop Sent to Shaanxi and Xinjiang

Date:2024-04-01     Label:

China Coal News Shipments

In the field of mining equipment manufacturing, safety and efficiency have always been the core elements of the development of the industry. on March 25, the new suspension mining single hydraulic prop independently developed and produced by China Coal Group was shipped to Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other places, which once again set off a frenzy of hot sales.

The new suspension mining single hydraulic prop has been innovatively improved to overcome the defects and problems of DZ-type (piston type) single hydraulic prop, and has many advantages such as large carrying capacity, large stability and safety coefficient, economic and environmental protection, long service life, large working stroke, low cost, easy operation, wide range of use and good stability, etc. It is widely used in underground support of coal mines, iron ore mines, phosphorus mines and so on, and it is especially It is widely used in underground support of coal mine, iron mine, phosphorus mine and so on, especially in the working environment with complicated conditions such as staying in the alley along the air. The product has obtained the national mining product safety mark certificate and national invention patent.

The introduction of this product has undoubtedly brought far-reaching impact on the development of the mining industry. For miners, more stable and reliable pillars mean that their working environment deep underground will be significantly improved; and for the mining industry as a whole, it means a significant increase in productivity, thus promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. With its unique suspension design and highly efficient hydraulic system, this technological breakthrough has not only won market recognition, but also gained high praise from inside and outside the industry.

Behind the technological innovation, the hard work and persistent pursuit of China Coal team is indispensable. In the face of difficulties and challenges, China Coal always insists on the principle of striving for excellence, tries new technologies and strives to improve product quality. With its excellent performance, the new suspension type mining single hydraulic prop has once again triggered the market boom. It is believed that as more and more enterprises begin to use this product, the overall level of China's mining industry will also step up to a new level.

Thanks for the trust and support of the majority of users to China Coal Group, in the future development road, we will, as always, uphold the spirit of professionalism, and constantly improve their own strength, to provide our customers with more high-quality products and services.



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